Thursday, October 13, 2011

M.A. Sumanthiran's Parliamentary Speech on the Sri Lankan Police - 6th October 2011

Honourable Deputy chairman of Committees, the lawmakers of this country today are debating this Bill on the National Police Academy in the midst of a crisis of lawlessness that has plagued the administration of the police, and as I begin, Hon. Minster of Justice looks in my direction. He the one who, at the time he spoke from his conscience, stated very clearly that everyday the Rule of Law is broken in this country. On Monday the 4th of October - just two days ago - we heard of the drowning - I repeat, drowning - of a suspect in the Bolgoda lake while he was in police custody during what the police called a ‘scuffle’ between them and the suspect. How many times must such tragedies be endured? ... (Read more)

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